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Photographer based in Photographer based in Cape Town


We document weddings in South Africa and Canada.


Bond Studios Bio
I started my photography career as a travel photographer and had a couple of exhibits in Taiwan showcasing some of my fine art and travel work.  I loved how I could experience the world around me in such a different way by just viewing it through my camera.
It was only when my sister was planning her wedding and asked if I wanted to shoot it, that I gave wedding photography a closer look.  I did not see myself as a wedding photographer, I thought all wedding photographers had the same boring old traditional style and that did not appeal to me.  I decided to shoot my sister’s wedding the way I wanted to and a whole new world opened up for me.
Today I find myself fully amerced in this modern art form and enjoying every opportunity I have to capture someone’s special day.  I draw inspiration from fashion photography, fine art and photojournalism.
These art forms shape my style, but this means nothing without the wedding couple.
Their story is what it is all about.
When they see each other for the first time that day, when her dad chokes back the tears as he gives his daughter away, the smiles.  I love the little sneaky smiles…
It’s a beautiful thing to be an artist and have the honour of documenting such an important day for a couple.
More than anything else I love my beautiful wife and baby girl and love to have fun.  Life is too short to not have many crazy adventures!
We have a very successful studio in Canada and break up the insane winter over there by shooting in my beautiful South Africa.