Compassion Art

Photographer based in Photographers based in Gauteng

Sheree & Billy


Based in GAuteng. Willing to travel both locally and internationally.


Love. The most powerful of all human emotions, it overpowers fear and anger – it’s the very reason we get married. Capturing this emotion, on a day made for love, a day a covenant is entered into by two people who are bound by the very cords of love, is what drives us, it’s why we do what we do with such overwhelming passion.
Sheree, the artistic one, is always looking at composition, colour, and mood, ensuring photographs are attention grabbing and leave a positive impression. Her background in graphic design and high-demand marketing positions has trained her eye to see the finest details in all her work.
Sheree came up with the name Compassion Art because of her love for the different art forms, and her compassion for kids is shown in the classrooms of schools where she teaches children how to express themselves through art.
Billy, the entrepreneurial and technical wizard of our team, uses his warm, captivating personality and eye for detail to capture the inherent magic in moments shared between loved ones. Inspired by the emotional connection between his clients, Billy sets up scenes that overflow with joy and celebration. He understands the necessity of staying on the cutting edge of technological advancements in our field, and ensures all the equipment used is of the highest standards possible