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Marius Bezuidenhout


Based in Gauteng, willing to travel both locally and international


My name is Marius and I am married to my lovely wife Karen. Our Photography journey started in 2007 when we did our first wedding together. I can still remember the exact date; it was the 7th of July 2007. We started Sagely Photography as a husband and wife team and since that first wedding back in ’07 we are now over 450 weddings. Not only did our business grow but so did our family… Our first son was born in 2011 and he just gave us a new meaning to life and how we capture other people’s memories. 5 years later we are blessed to have two wonderful boys.
Our photography team also grew over the years and we surround our self with like-minded people with a love for photography and life!  I see photos as more than just a picture.. It is a story being unveiled. Choosing a wedding photographer can be quite a task. In our work we strive to capture stories rather than normal photos. Our understanding of light and how to give direction is what sets us apart.
Our philosophy in life is to always be humble and to know that there is someone out there better than you to learn from and someone out there who wants to learn from you. Our objective is to make you look the best you have ever looked in your life, whilst telling the story of your dream wedding. Of course you can and should have confidence that we will capture the precious moments on your big day. Our style of photography is fashionable yet classic, and natural at the same time.
I have spent time in London and Paris to expand my photography knowledge and to ensure I stay at the front end of this creative industry. Beautiful photography and make up is what we are about. We do not pose you on the wedding day; we prompt and direct you in a way that appears natural. The more you respond to our direction the less we get involved. We will not interrupt natural magic but we will help create it if the need arises. We are currently based in Gauteng, but do travel for destination weddings. We look forward to meeting you.