Wednesday and October Photography

Photographer based in Pretoria


Mainly working in the Western Cape and Gauteng. Very keen to travel to anywhere there are stories to be told (already have valid American and Australian visas! Hooray!)


Bio: Levi Tijerina (a incredible photographer and inspiration) mentioned:  “Weddings are such an amazing and unique part of a culture. Nearly every culture around the world celebrates marriage in one form or another. That blows my mind. Throughout the world, woven into all of our languages, we all have something in common.”
All people matter, all their stories matter too. Telling your story (wether it takes the form of a wedding, an elopement, or simply a shoot with your loved ones) matters to me. Being able to witness and capture this incredible, and intimate part of life is truly a blessing (however cliche that might sound). But seriously, I really would love to be able to tell your stories. Let’s have some fun!